Michael Andrew Law 羅卓睿 : The Chinese Painter News

Michael Andrew Law : The Chinese Painter News
Michael Andrew Law, born and raised in the 80s of British Hong Kong , later received his painting diploma from the Daniel Anderson ‘s School of Realism .
Michael Andrew Law’s contemporary paintings is strikingly giving demonic rush of movement to the Apocalyptic bearers of youth, beauty, greed and vanity.
As with other artists of today contemporary art scene, Michael Andrew Law’s feeling is strongly a tribute to beauty in his own way and this hay its impetus to give.
Colour play is part in the intensity of effect, is spectral gamut ranging from an icy Red to Yellow, Blue, and the sinister purple cloud beneath.
The Pale Hair Girls of the original vision – depicted with so much religious symbols – are fittingly described in the more general term “Innocent”, in that they seem to bring a modern fashion and modern age childrens into action against a suffering multitude.
Michael Andrew Law follows a definite aim: to provoke the spectators for some kind of a logical panicky escape, with an influence of the bizarre and accidental things.
As an evidence for this vision there are about three canvases painted with oil technique, and some times Indian ink.

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