Felix So ( 蘇文郁 ) and Michael Andrew Law ( The 48 A.P.P. )

Law Cheuk Yui's People on Art Magazine @ LawmanArt.com

file_001-27 Michael Andrew Law had a wonderful conversation with Felix So , one of the top photographer in HK , talked about photography and Art in general , he would be one of the subject in The 48 A.P.P Project by Michael Andrew Law , stay tune .

Photography works by Felix SO

Images : courtesy of the artist / felixso.com

Felix So 蘇文郁 , an eminent professional photographer in Hong Kong, has been working for the photography industry for over 20 years. Being a widely-recognized expert in the industry, he was elected the President of the Hong Kong Institute of Professional Photographers (2006-2008). His expertise has earned recognition from all corners and his works are well received, with the facts that he is one of the most frequently appointed photographers for the 4As, fabulous brands, and international corporations.

He was the Lecturer on Photography for the Hong Kong Chingying Institute of Visual…

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