Michael Andrew Law Cheuk Yui 羅卓睿 & Zeng Fanzhi 曾梵志




曾梵​​誌曾於多家美術館舉辦展覽。近期個展包括:阿姆斯特丹梵高美術館「曾梵志| 梵高」(2017年);北京尤倫斯當代藝術中心「曾梵志:散步」(2016年);巴黎市立現代美術館「曾梵志」(2013年);威尼斯海關大樓美術館「曾梵志」(2013年);香港會議展覽中心「曾梵志:界限的共鳴」(2011年);上海外灘美術館「2010·曾梵志」 (2010年);索非亞國立外國藝術館「曾梵志」(2010年);新加坡美術館「曾梵志:理想主義」(2007年);聖艾蒂安現代藝術博物館「曾梵志」(2007年);上海美術館「我·我們:曾梵志的繪畫1991-2003」(2003年)。


Zeng Fanzhi (Chinese: 曾梵志; born 1964 in Wuhan, Hubei) is a contemporary Chinese artist based in Beijing. From the earliest stages of his career, Zeng Fanzhi’s paintings have been marked by their emotional directness, the artist’s intuitive psychological sense, and his carefully calibrated expressionistic technique. Moving to Beijing in the early 1990s, Zeng’s art displayed an immediate shift, responding to his immersion in a more superficial environment, his seminal Mask series displaying the tensions between the artist’s dominant existential concerns and an ironic treatment of the pomposity and posturing inherent to his new contemporary urban life. Throughout, Zeng’s expressionistic techniques run counter to such techniques’ conventional usage. That is, Zeng’s representation of raw, exposed flesh or awkwardly oversized hands is not an attempt at pure emotional expression, but instead play against the superficially composed appearances of his subjects, an ironic treatment of emotional performance as a metaphor for a lost self, of stunted self-realization.


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