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Michael Andrew Law (born in British Hong Kong, 1982) creates what renowned art dealer Douwe Cramer calls, hyper pop surrealist paintings. Law’s works capture the essence of youth while maintaining a lasting value that appeals to collectors. Indeed, they are appreciated and collected by many Asian notables. The works showcase technical skill and well defined methods. They include classical compositional framing constructs applied to abstract concepts. The technique is visibly evident. In some cases, the pieces are near photorealistic. Law wields his rendering mastery in ways that would intrigue even the old masters.

Taken as a whole, Law’s body of work is significant in many ways. First, it pushes the notion of figurative art into our contemporary age. Yes, the body is a central focus in many of his works. Law applies his traditional anatomical training in the physical representations, but also updates our notions of the body with consideration to gender and identity. He instigates traditionalists with his use of digital tools applied in combination with traditional methods.

The philosophy and symbolism behind the works are quite personal. Law’s lived experience during the tumultuous period of Hong Kong’s hand over to China becomes embedded into his art practice. The paintings are a visual artifact of that journey. Surrealist influences can be seen in his use of handwritten text in combination with female figures. The repetition of calligraphy text is descriptive, typographic, and indicative of the artist as individual. Law successfully merges his Eastern and Western influences through a meshing of symbols and signification. There is a commitment to tradition and lineage, as well as a dedication to all things new.

Law has studied painting with Sam Tsang of the Central Academy of Art in Beijing and with New York native Dan Anderson at his Hong Kong studio. He has also studied film production with Roger Corman. Law has earned illustrious regard as the designer of many cover spreads for the press in Hong Kong and beyond. He has worked as a professional comic artist, illustrator and film producer, but left commercial work to focus on his fine art practice. Law has exhibited at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in The Avenue of Stars, earning him the greatest regard in his home base and abroad.

Law is co-founder of the Hong Kong Art Studio Nature Art Workshop. The organization functions as a supportive environment for the fostering of emerging Hong Konger artists in addition to producing and marketing Law’s related work. As a curator, Law has organized an exhibition of contemporary art that shares a range of responses to HongKong’s Gen Y pop culture. At this point, Law has created over 8,000 works. There are three dozen popular artist books published of Law’s pieces. He has also written essays on contemporary art and films. The artist lives and works in Central District, Hong Kong.

生長於英治末年,交接時期香港的年輕藝術家 Michael Andrew Law,擅長把數碼繪圖,Pop 摩登藝術及古典油畫揉合時事及諷刺,創出獨特的視覺藝術語言及內容,跨越中西混合背景思維界限,探索互聯網世代交錯回歸的中西混雜之香港歷史。

他以自由隨意的手法結合摩登及古典材料與技巧,保持表現與認知、控制與隨性、魯妄與機智、自我與社羣等對立美學力量之間的張力,並對香港Y世代、本土文化及民族社會的殘酷現實作出尖刻的評論。Michael Andrew Law 的作品色彩豐富,寫實風格描繪的冰山美人,刻畫在滿佈流行文化圖像、東方書法標誌及符號的背景上。《白髮女孩糸列》(The Pale Hair Girls,2006 – 2013 年) 的創作之中,Michael Andrew Law 獨特的繪畫風格呈獻出達達主義思考方式般的且出人意表的效果。畫中冰山美人式的人物穿插在抽象的香港和俗世符號上。
畫展照片1  畫展照片2  畫展照片3

Pale Hair Girls糸列的畫作的視覺靈感大量源自法國美術學院派大師William-Adolphe Bouguereau 的少年油畫作品以及已故華裔畫家陳逸飛的史詩及美人作品,Michael Andrew Law一反傳統的繪畫技法,以數碼混合古典繪畫技,重新演繹細緻複雜的中西方古典畫面和精心纖細思考的構圖,以西式媒介呼應中國的傳統書法裡作為圖案之筆觸,在Michael Andrew Law的筆下這種交錯西式POP ART和中式古典藝術表現時輪廓卻非常細緻,尤其最廣為流傳和臨摹的Leonardo da Vinci作品Mona Lisa (1517 年),以東方血統之妻子肖像取代Mona Lisa 的表徵意義,極具質感的厚顏料同時呈現寫生畫作時人物肉體的細微變化.

《誰會理會不是自已的新天地:三聯畫》(Humanity)刻畫了在世代末日的未來世代們於本為廢墟的香港島上,等待著他們的命運。這些離奇的場景與Jerry B. Jenkins及Timothy LaHaye等當代作家描寫的超現實、宗教解讀、未來主義情懷如出一致。於半島酒店扶輪會演講當代藝術

2015年出版的新書 iEgoism 的封面
憑著 iEgoism 故事性的風格和精神,Michael Andrew Law將流行、古典與時事內容混合成一種感覺超豐富的視覺藝術作品,所涉獵的美學領域和文化靈感不斷延伸,而他在當中游走自如。一如常見的當代藝術主題,去作為「諷刺」及「反思」有關「浪漫」與「悲情」的直接敘述。

他所開發的iEgoism主題,就深受當代或反傳統藝術愛好者的喜愛,這被視為跟西方DADA藝術主義互相呼應。Michael Andrew Law把自己置身於他熱烈的自我網世代主義- iEgoism裡展現出的姿態卻是完全屬於他本人和他的時代的。

Michael Andrew Law於2006 年随美國紐約藝術家Daniel Anderson深造古典油畫,其後發展純美術繪畫工作,2008年獲贊助於香港中環成立藝術工作室 Nature Art。除了製作藝術及相關作品,Nature Art 及 Michael Andrew Law 亦積極培育香港年輕藝術家。

2013 年,他於NatureArt Gallery舉行藝術展覽《iEgoism》,從香港歷史中追溯當代香港流行視覺藝術文化的特徵。

Michael Andrew Law 的作品曾於紐約 Chelsea 的聯合展覽中展出,他亦曾在著名機構及學校舉行個展及講座,例如星光大道 (2009 年)、天主教香港教區、香港中央圖書館(2004 -2007 年)、灣仔政府大樓外(2004 年),香港會議展覽中心 (2003 年)。2015出版藝術文字著作《不可不知的藝術家觀點系列-iEgoism》更深入探討香港Y世代、香港歷史和Michael Andrew Law的作品脈絡關聯。

Michael Andrew Law 現於香港定居及從事創作。

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