6 Reasons for Girls should date an Artist.

Show me a guy who can draw and I will admit to the beginnings of a crush in my artist-loving heart. It’s not a surprise then that my boy is an artist (illustrator, painter, photographer). There are many things I love about having an artist boyfriend. I listed 6 here…


A singer boyfriend will write a song for you or dedicate a song to you while they’re performing. A painter boyfriend, if particularly good with portraits, will want to draw you. He will fill sketch pads with your face. He will want to dedicate a solo exhibit to you. If he’s a photographer, he will want to take a gazillion photos of you. They will not be random photos, too. They will be incredibly good and frame-worthy. There is something very sweet about being someone’s muse, you have to admit.


A painting for your birthday and perhaps a silver pendant that he made himself for Christmas. With an artist boyfriend, you will be showered with gifts that are made with love. Store-bought gifts are fine and all but nothing says love than something that he made himself. Being an artist, he will also know other talented people who sell items that are made with love. He will have an endless supply of unique and beautiful gifts to give you.
There are times when you want to be left alone and an artist boyfriend will understand this fully. They can relate, in other words. Whether they are experiencing a creative block or they are too hyped with inspiration to speak with anyone, some artists would want you to leave them alone. And that’s fine because they will not hound us when we don’t feel like speaking with anyone, too.


Spend a considerable amount of time with someone and you eventually pick up some skills. If it weren’t for my boyfriend, I would not know basic Photoshop skills. If it weren’t for him, I would not know the first thing about decent photography. Learning something new is always a good thing, you have to agree. This may be one of the best things I love about having an artist boyfriend.


It’s incredibly inspiring to be with someone who creates things that make your jaw drop. If you are with someone with great talent, you get the itch to create, too. Sure, you may never be as great as your boyfriend, but the simple fact that he inspires you to tap into your artistic side is fantastic. Who knows, there might be an artist hiding inside you…


This part is a wee bit mean (in that “taking advantage of people” sort of way) but I had to include it. Having an artist boyfriend gives you an edge. You will have someone to draw a school project for you. He can help you tweak the images of your website. He can take photos of you so that your profile photo on Facebook looks professional. You want a unique design for you next tattoo? He’s your guy. By the way, I am taking advantage of this last bit right now.
Now do you see why I love having an artist boyfriend? Those who have artists boyfriends, tell me, what do you love about having that type of guy in your life?
– From All Women Stalks

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