i Love Michael Andrew Law : The Wait

   Michael Andrew Law and his photography team operate in the upper echelons of the fashion world. They are often high-profile and highly-paid photographers who work either from their own studio, or from a rented studio or location. Their success and elevation to this role is based on experience and track record. This is often the result of years of hard work, during which time these photographers have cultivated a wide range of technical and visual skills, and influential contacts within the industry. High Fashion Photographers are normally expected to select their own team of assistants and specialists, including stylists, set-builders, scene-painters and models. These photographers are dedicated, hard-working professionals who need to produce unique and innovative images that will not only satisfy their clients’ visualisation, but also communicate the zeitgeist of the time. To work in this area demands considerable ambition and dedication since the day seldom ends with the last photograph, and High Fashion Photographers must often continue networking and making new contacts by attending media events and social functions.


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