Michael Andrew Law with his fashion works

Mixing expensive designer duds with low-end mass merchandise is on the rise, making that it-all-goes-together look a true reality. Even high-end fashion designers like Isaac Mizrahi, who designs a fashionable line for Target, while pleasing private clients with his beautiful couture creations are appealing to a broad audience. The vision for Isacc Mizrahi is to provide fashionable clothing to all women, everwhere.
To most people’s surprise when Mizrahi did his High/Low end fashion show, mixing pieces from Target and pieces that are sold at the expensive Bergdorf Goodman’s – the ladies in the audience couldn’t tell the difference from the high-end to the low-end and many chose pieces that they wanted from Target. Even Karl Lagerfeld, the beloved designer of Chanel, put a low-end line out at H & M. And, quite similar to Target’s vision is that of H & M”¦ to provide fashion and quality at the best price.
Mixing high-end and low-end clothing is a very modern way of dressing. Who wants the look of dressing head-to-toe in one designer brand?Not to mention the expense of dressing full on in one designer label. That would break the bank for any fashionista. Take note that most high-end designers have a lower-end line. This doesn’t mean it’s cheap though. Take Prada for example, the low-end sister line is Miu Miu.Dressing head-to-toe in a designer brand could even change how you act in a certain outfit! Do you want to stain your $300 pants – probably not? You may even skip out on your favorite pasta dish to avoid getting marinara on your perfectly pristine pants. Choose your clothes wisely, what you will spend good money on and what can be purchased at a cheaper rate and most importantly, choose clothes that fit your life.
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2014 Workshops
In 2014, I am holding workshop at Central, Hong Kong’s NatureArt Gallery.
If you’re considering a workshop for paintings, email me with any questions. I hope to paint with you in 2014.
If you’re interested, view all my Current Painting Auctions and Available Paintings.
在 2014年,我每星期也在中環,香港NatureArt舉行繪畫工作坊。
如果你正在考慮為一個學畫的工作室,可立即發電子郵件給我。我希望能在 2014與你
FREE Michael Andrew Law painting Poster for You

In case you missed it, I released my new FREE poster/desktop wallpaper download for your tablet or smart phone. 
Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to share it with your friends.
免費Michael Andrew Law桌面海報送俾你:



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