Artist Michael Andrew Law and Master Artist Hsiao Chin 蕭勤

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Artist Michael Andrew Law and friend (artist Carman Tong ) with Master Artist Hsiao Chin 蕭勤 , in front of his painting “ Energies between two dimensions ” Acrylic on canvas at 3812 Gallery  .

HSIAO Chin (b.1935) Hsiao Chin was born in Shanghai in 1935 and his family moved to Taiwan in 1949. He grew up surrounded by art and music. The influence of music came from his father, Hsiao Yo-Mei, the esteemed Chinese conductor and composer who founded the National Conservatory in Shanghai. It is no surprise that with all the artistic influences Hsiao Chin pursued drawing and painting at the National Taiwan Normal University where he studied under Li Chun-Sen, an important figure in the development of Contemporary Chinese painting. During his time in Taiwan, Hsiao helped to find Ton Fan, the first group of Chinese painters to promote Chinese Abstract Art as a movement. In the later years, Hsiao organized over thirty shows for the Ton Fan group in the West.


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