Michael Andrew Law and his Students

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4.繪畫材料的應用,包括油畫油畫,塑膠彩,數碼繪畫例如Photoshop, procreate ,manga studio

例如Caravaggio 繪畫法Da Vinci 繪畫法 Vermeer 繪畫法 唯美派繪畫法等
7.可以指導學員按照其畫功水準創作自訂畫作品 (送禮用或者自用紀念)

Full Mentorships with Gallery Artist Michael Andrew Law ( Former Nature Art Workshop Art Director ) ,For contemporary painting Boot Camp & Beginning PhotoRealistic and/or Classical painting.

M.A.L. art school offers a choice of real interactive classes taught online by real industry professionals.
Our classes are small, as Most classes are booked by 3 or less . We also offers one on one class on request. We want to ensure much more one on one time for each student with the instructor teaching any of our course.
Our main course would spent as much time on “making the art” and “selling the art” and having access to people who have succeeded, so you can ask questions and gain information. The MAL art school teacher you choose to work with will push your portfolio toward the kind of polished work you need to succeed as well as be available for your business/industry related questions throughout the semester.
You can sign up with a MAL class if you are out of school and need/want more instruction, or use it as a supplement if you are attending a school or university that does not offer the kind of super focused instruction that you would receive with a MAL Art School faculty member.
You will also get to know other students with like minded passion in the type of art you want to create, with a focused drive to succeed in the business or art/illustration.

Drawing basics
Photorealistic Painting ( acrylic , oil , mixed media, watercolor, charcoal)
Landscape painting
Portrait painting
Still life painting
Classical Painting ( oil )
Observational painting/drawing
Creative/ concept art 101 class
art of manga / comics
Free Painting
Art of Illustrations ( watercolor,acrylic,oil,digital )
Selling Art
Get into gallery
Get into art fair
Organizing shows and Exhibitions

Classes platform:
How exactly are the classes taught ? Via your own software, or with something like Skype ?
We provide an online class applications but you will need an intel based operating system on your computer / laptop /Mac, and a headset , webcam with a mic is recommended .
Classes can also be followed on an iPAD , iPhone or Android device very reliably and easily!
A high speed internet connection(cable and a hard line connection is preferred) is recommended,in order to get the best and smoothest quality of screen and sound for the class. We have had excellent results in classes so far, but anything online might have a glitch now and then.
Therefore should any tech issues arise in class for you we have a MAL art School TA in all your classes with you to trouble shoot anything in the moment.

For those who seek to learn to paint in person with me , or are able to travel, and enjoy group environments–I have several workshops available in Fortress Hill , Hong Kong regularly .


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