Michael Andrew Law at Laramie Lanclos first solo show in Hong Kong

Michael Andrew Law at Laramie Lanclos first solo show in Hong Kong

Law Cheuk Yui's People on Art Magazine @ LawmanArt.com

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Gallery Michael Andrew Law is delighted to present “ The Eerie & Dystopia ” , the first solo gallery exhibition in Hong Kong by Italian-English Artist Laramie Lanclos .
Laramie Lanclos is an UK based artist, graduated in BA Fine Art and specialized in oil painting.
The eerie and dystopia has became the signature feature in her portraiture that has greatly distinguished her work from contemporary trends, as well as developing a very unique style which was readily noticeable from her very first expo.
The inspiration behind Laramie’s work comes in the most unusual forms, staring the black stretched wires against the orange sunset of Queens at down, haunting panting dancers in the dim corridors of an disused building, or prowling paper lantern alleys of Tokyo on a summer night. She adopts contrast from everything, the juxtaposition of the modern to the traditional so alive in the Japanese urban landscape, a…

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