Law Cheuk Yui & Sarah Morris

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Sarah Morris

B. 1967, SEVENOAKS, U.K.

Born in 1967 in Sevenoaks, U.K., Sarah Morris grew up in Providence, Rhode Island. She received a BA from Brown University, Providence (1989), and then participated in the Whitney Museum Independent Study Program, New York (1989–90). She is celebrated for her geometric abstract paintings, which explore the interplay between the physical architecture in cities and the psychology of urban environments. Revealing the politicized nature of such dynamics, her images evoke urban vistas and motifs found on buildings. For instance, in her Midtown series (1998–99), Morris uses the flatness of the geometry to confront both the skyscraper-dominated terrain of Manhattan and the traditional Minimalist grid. However, the grid is tilted and manipulated to give rise to an illusion of depth. The brightly pulsating colors of glossy, house paint in opaque shapes recall a sense of emptiness characteristic of the contemporary urban experience. In the ensuing…

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