Jen Wei from World of Peace Art’s News

Born in 1982 in British Hong Kong, Michael Andrew Law has emerged as one of the most progressive artists in Hong Kong.

Through his distinctive Classical-Realism and Glitter motif Michael Andrew Law makes powerful observations on the Post-80s or the so called Gen-Y issues in Hong Kong.

His Beautiful figures shrouded in Glitter or oil-painted-glaze are representatives of a World at risk of being overwhelmed by the vanity of a more and more selfish life.
Michael Andrew Law began working with images of Glitter in 2005, When the time of Hong Kong just recovered from the 2003 SARS incident and the real-estate are reaching the Abnormal state.
Michael Andrew Law’s paintings express his concerns that if we were to rely literally on the believes of capitalism carried by our daily greeds, we will be absorbed into a distort realities, blinding us from the truth and blocking us from a balanced of the real values.
Though his work addresses Hong Kong’s society, the theme is universal and resonates within Western societies as well.

Michael Andrew Law demonstrates perseverance and technical proficiency in meticulously Graphic-ized ‘calligraphic’ and capturing the light and shadows to projecting Graffiti, crease and irregular spary of Glitter.
Michael Andrew Law has insist to painting from life model for most his works , “”its not about the form or light and shadows “” , Michael Andrew Law said “” it has to be live model to gives life to my painting , and to this day , I would never paint a live model as if she’s an still life object , a beautiful person IS a beautiful person , a beautiful orange is an orange , a beautiful landscape is a landscape, but they are nothing equal on an story-telling level””.

and My Lust and My Taste consist of 80 paintings in oil , acrylic  and digital prints./**


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