Ron Close Reviews Michael Andrew Law

At first glance, the works of Michael Andrew Law actually reminds me of one of Caravaggio’s paintings.
It’s got a very bold and classic look to the soft portraits.

His Taste and My Lust, which is a mixed media painting, really speaks volumes about the current state of the 80s generation relationship.
He goes into extreme detail about how the post-80s or Gen Y are responsible for the downfall of marriages and feels that the old school generation doesn’t hold a candle to the new stuff, which most gen Y tend to agree with.
The story starts in the early 80’s and leads right up to 2000 when Michael Andrew Law started his fine art career.

There’s a brief section for most of the big paintings he worked on that explain the sometimes short, but always difficult process of creating the perfect piece that Gen Y feel.
Michael Andrew Law  seeing pieces of his work used in some of the most beloved galleries of Asia as well as heartbreak when some of his works of art were thrown by the wayside.
Particularly interesting to learn how many comps Law had to do for a piece of work before it finally convert to a canvas.
At times, Michael Andrew Law had nothing to go on and was asked to simply make something up which often turned out to be exactly what becomes a sleeper hits in a show.


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