Michael Andrew Law and his contemporary art

The most important componant within Contemporary art practice, is that it continually engages matters and issues that are presently affecting the world. Cloning, politics, economics, gender issues, human rights, or perhaps even the high price of bread being sold locally. Contemporary art operates in multiple formats, media, and is in synthesis with global, political, socio-cultural change. It is not limited by materials nor methodology. It may or may not encompass tradional formats such as painting, drawing, and sculpture, but may popular conceputal practices engage perfomance, installation, and multi-media works. Contemporary art is often engaging a multi-disciplinary discourse, utilzing a diverse body of skills and peoples to ultimately engage the mass with a substantial, and sometimes provacative discourse pertaining to the relevant issues shaping the world right now. It is continually engaging, and affecting the bounderies of perception.
Contemporary art should not be confused with the workings of modern art, although the trends and movements in contemporary practice may derectly refer to modernism. Art Theorist, Arthur Danto within The End of Art claims that Modernism died alongside the making of Andy Warhol’s Brillo Boxes. Since the modernist days of the 60′ and 70’s, art has also engaged post-modernism, neo-conceptualism, High art Lite (the Young British Artists movement (YBAs) of the mid nineties, as well as multi-culturalist work within the post-postmodern.
Contemporary artists today such as The Yes Men, Maurizio Cattelan, and Mark Quinn utilize a sophistocated language to communicate with a variety of audiences. The relationship between the the veiwer and the artist has grown increasingly complex over the later half of the 20th century and into the 21st. Contemporary art is becoming increasingly more global, and is slowly breaking down the cultural barriers that seperate the antiquated elitism of high art from the public forum of the masses.
The future development of Contemporary art is often directed by massive bi-ennieals (The Whitney, The Venice, the Kwan Ju, the Havanna…), tri-ennials (Sao-Paul), and most imporatantly the exhibition of Documenta in Kassel Germany.

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2014 Workshops
In 2014, I am holding workshop at Central, Hong Kong’s NatureArt Gallery.
If you’re considering a workshop for paintings, email me with any questions. I hope to paint with you in 2014.
If you’re interested, view all my Current Painting Auctions and Available Paintings.
在 2014年,我每星期也在中環,香港NatureArt舉行繪畫工作坊。
如果你正在考慮為一個學畫的工作室,可立即發電子郵件給我。我希望能在 2014與你
FREE Michael Andrew Law painting Poster for You
In case you missed it, I released my new FREE poster/desktop wallpaper download for your tablet or smart phone. 
Hope you enjoy it, and feel free to share it with your friends.
免費Michael Andrew Law桌面海報送俾你:


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